DA4GA continues as Bio Art & Design Award

We are pleased to announce that the Designers & Artists for Genomics award continues in 2014 under a new name, the Bio Art & Design Award, with additional partners.

The aim of our successful initiative remains the same: to stimulate emerging artists and designers to delve into the world of bio-art, and produce new work in close collaboration with the most prestigious Life Sciences research institutes in the Netherlands. Since 2010, the award highlights and explores the exciting and novel possibilities between design, artistic practice and life sciences. The Netherlands Genomics Initiative ends its last four-year term and has found the Netherlands Research Council committed to continue its role. Mu in Eindhoven is the new coordinator and prime exhibition partner of the competition.

The Bio Art & Design Award is a product of collaboration between NWO (Dutch Research Council – Earth and Life Sciences, Humanities, The Hague), ZonMW (Medical Research Council, The Hague), MU Artspace (Eindhoven), Waag Society (Amsterdam) and Raamsteeg2 (Leiden). The name Designers and Artists for Genomics Award was used in the years 2010-2013.

Bio Art & Design Award