Zack Denfeld, Cathrine Kramer – The Edible Time Machine

Zack Denfeld, Cathrine Kramer and Annette de Deugd (Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Ageing) ‘Eat less, live more… and pray for beans’ is the title of an illustrated cookbook with imaginary recipes from the year 2030. Research into the composition of the recipes is based on the ‘Getting Old Together’ study of the Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Ageing, in which subjects were moving more and eating less.

Based on this study, Zack Denfeld, Cathrine Kramer and other members of the Center for Genomic Gastronomy started wondering: what influence will changes in climate, global trade, and power supply have on Dutch eating culture?

The Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Ageing carries out research into the influence of food on the process of healthy ageing. While following the scientists’ work on the Getting Older Together study, the artists became interested in the genetic diversity not of the human subjects themselves, but of the food system they live within.

The artists imagine recipes for futures where:

  • The Netherlands receives food aid and cooking advice from India
  • community meat labs spring up across the planet
  • farmers infect their own fields to create new ingredients
  • every citizen is required to breed plants for the national seed bank.

Agriculture and cuisine are always morphing and the healthy agers of tomorrow will face different food constraints and decisions than we face today. How will we decide which genomes will compose the food of the future?

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