Winners 2010-2011

More information about the winners of DA4GA I (2010-2011)

Jalila Essaïdi

Transgenic skin: 2,6g 329m/s

Jalila Essaïdi and Forensic Genomics Consortium Netherlands developed the project 2.6g 329m/s which includes creation of bulletproof transgenic human skin. The project emphatically explores the social, political, ethical and cultural issues concerning safety. Quote:

“I want to show that the safety in its broadest sense is a relative concept, and hence the term bulletproof. If the skin is pierced by the bullet, the experiment is certainly successful.”

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Maurizio Montalti

Bacteria that produce bio-fuel: System Synthetics

Maurizio Montalti and the Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation created their project System Synthetics in order to study the possibilities of production of the bio fuel out of the degradation process of the plastic waste. In this scenario one of the two fungi (filamentous fungus) would break down plastic waste and the other fungus (yeast) would produce bio-ethanol out of it. This enables the public to research more about the alternatives for fossil fuels.

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Matthijs Munnik

Singing worms: Microscopic Opera

Microscopic Opera is an audiovisual installation created by Matthijs Munnik and the Netherlands Consortium for Systems Biology. In this project labworms C. Elegans produce images and sounds.


“We are able to manipulate life forms without them even knowing that we exist. What if the same is also true for us? What if humans are not aware that something else is manipulating them?”

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